Documents and Studies 

This site is dedicated to the study of the Katipunan, the patriotic secret society that in 1896 launched the revolution against Spanish rule in the Philippines. 

Although the late 19th century is the most celebrated period in Philippine history, much of what has been published on the Katipunan is unreliable and the surviving primary sources are as yet largely unexplored. The principal aim here is to bring to light a number of important Katipunan documents that have not been published before, or are not readily accessible.

Much of the material on this website was published by the Ateneo de Manila University Press in 2013 under the title The Light of Liberty: Documents and Studies on the Katipunan, 1892-1897.  The book should be available at Solidaridad Bookshop and various branches of Fully Booked, as well at  the AdMUP's offices on the Loyola Heights campus.